About Our Dairy/Beef Cross Steers

Homegrown Dairy Beef

In addition to our American Kobe beef animals, we do select a few cows from our Brown Swiss and Holstein herd to be bred to beef breeds. Their male offspring are then raised as steers for beef. Many people assume that most or all beef sold at retail comes from beef breeds (Angus, Hereford, etc.), however approximately one-fifth of the United States cow herd is made up of dairy cows and 15 to 20% of fed beef steers are dairy steers. A summary of information from the VetLife Benchmark Performance Program compares performance from more than 22 million Holstein and beef steers.  It was found that Holstein steers actually had a greater proportion of carcasses grading USDA prime and choice at each starting weight category as compared to beef steers.  The study also found that dairy steers had a slightly lower feed efficiency giving a cost of gain advantage to beef steers, but favored the dairy steers in carcass quality. These crossbred animals have the best traits of both!  We assure you that these animals, born and raised on our farm with our own milk, grasses and forages will give you delicious, fresh and wholesome beef for your family. Order yours today!