Meadow Brook Farms is owned and operated by the Pete and Shellie Kappelman family near Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The farm is named for the old one-room school house Pete's grandparents, father, and several siblings attended. It has been a livestock, dairy and crop farm for nearly 150 years, enjoying our own homegrown beef, but never sharing it with the public.

Pete's parents, Karl and Harriet, bought the herd of 13 cows from Karl's parents in 1957 and used their wedding money to buy a manure spreader. Pete and Shellie joined the farm in 1987 and were thrilled to receive a calf as a wedding gift from her parents. Pete oversees the farm operation while Shellie maintains her other business, Shellie Kappelman Photography.

The fifth generation is working hard at Meadow Brook Farms. Mitch, Beth, Erin, and A.J. all work within their own specialties. Mitch is primarily involved in genetics and herd health. A.J. enjoys cropping and maintenance. Erin and Beth work with the baby calves and herd health. And the sixth generation, Kenny and new baby Claire,  spend many days at the farm as well.

Meadow Brook Beef are raised on our own homegrown feeds, consisting primarily of grasses and forages. We never feed them antibiotics. Our beef have dry comfortable shelter, yet everyday they are out in the sunshine and fresh air. We are devoted to providing our animals with a comfortable atmosphere to grow and be healthy!

You now have the opportunity to enjoy either our homegrown dairy/beef cross steers or our American Kobe beef. We're excited to offer this unique specialty beef to you. Do your own taste-test. Prepare one of our American Kobe steaks along with one you purchase elsewhere. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Meadow Brook Farm

The Kappelman Family

7420 County Road Q

Manitowoc, WI 54220


(Since we're a real working farm,

visits are by appointment only)